Shanghai audiences love us too!

Thrilled to get such amazing 5-star and 4-star reviews from the Shanghai audiences who watched our film at the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival and loved it.

It’s so good! The ending is not sudden but a gradual buildup of events throughout the film. I really like this method of storytelling, it seems that it is really a scene from real life, rather than story of a film.

An Indian drama with exotic flavours. Not everyone gets a happy ending but the scenery on the road is great, and in the end, its those who escape the fire that are actually burnt.

It’s pretty good-looking. The carefulness, cunning, joy and anger of ordinary people are portrayed quite well, its so real that I feel like I am looking at myself and my family.

A profound comedy where laughter and tears co-exist.

Each of the characters finds their own way home and so do we!

Funeral, debts, secret affairs, surprise pregnancy, caste differences – this and many other conflicts and subplots keep this film interesting. The film has a great pace and has a nice balance between young and old characters.

This film should be seen by everyone. Love the feminist angle of storytelling!

A great road film with elements of joy and sorrow combined.

The film is a slice of life – original, raw and just like life, it is full of unexpected events.

This film succeeds as a great road film! In each character’s journey, we lose a part of ourselves but discover another part of our selves which we had lost before. In a way, just like the characters, we journey through time – splicing, regenerating and moving towards a new life.

The film shows a lot of contemporary Indian customs and the soundtrack is amazing. There are so many nice subplots that I wish the film could have been longer and we could have stayed with the characters a bit more.

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Festivals, festivals and more…

Ashes on a road trip has had a memorable festival journey! And still there’s more to come…

World Premiere at prestigious 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival

Official Selection Screenings at

  • 24th Shanghai International Film Festival,
  • 12th London Indian Film Festival
  • 51st International Film Festival of India (IFFI) Goa
  • 18th Chennai International Film Festival

Official selections at Toronto South Asian Film Festival, New York Indian Film Festival, Birmingham Film Festival, Los Angeles Indian Film Festival and Stuttgart Film Festival.

Top 10 films which competed for FIPRESCI India Jury award 2021

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ABP Studios joins Waari family!

Thrilled to announce that the lovely, creative folks at ABP Studios have joined our Waari family!!!

With ABP Studios as our partners, we continue to forge ahead, stronger than before and will strive to bring our humble little film to audiences everywhere.

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@AshesOnRoadTrip is one of 5 best movies at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Yippie!

“Making its world premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival, Ashes on a Road Trip is a charming and comical family drama by Mangesh Joshi that explores how the death of a loved one can exacerbate strained relations within families. A nice blend of comedy and poignancy, the story keeps the audience guessing until the end as to the contents of Puru Dada’s will after he passes away. “


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…loved the film…shows how life is ephemeral…found similarity with the countryside of Japan…evoked nostalgia and emotions that cannot be described…

…wish I could give it 200 million score points…so many finer details…a cat walking in the back of mourners’ gathering or the Omni rattling in the midst of a serious conversation. The performances of each actors in the finale inheritance scene are fantastic… it’s one of the best films!

… it was really interesting! An Indian road movie that you don’t usually see.

…One of the brothers looks like my uncle, so I felt like I was traveling in India in an uncle’s car…enjoyed it…so much laughter and sadness but then felt comfort in it too.

…loved the parallel track of the two mothers…each fighting for their own family…

…actors are very nice and especially I like the Marathi songs, melodies and lyrics that the ‘Kaka’ was singing in the car. It made me nostalgic even though I can’t understand Marathi…

…The movie gave me both laughter and tears…a delectable drama for all ages…

…one after another unexpected facts are revealed before the family reaches its destination. Enjoyed the film…A family comedy packed with the misfortunes of life!

…the story of a family in which the personal secrets surface triggered by the death of the eldest brother…reveals the weaknesses of human beings which make them interesting to watch…

…A lovely film that asks what the true value of a happy family is…

… It is the exact opposite to the old fashioned Indian entertainment…but still fun…People and families are not perfect in reality and are full of flaws…A good film with a great pace. The song lyrics are poetic too.

…I thought it was just a comedy by trailer, but it has so many storylines and family dramas…the inheritance problem discussed is the same in Japan too…enjoyed watching the film!!

… The problems of the Karkhanis family are universal…some scenes made me emotional, others made me laugh and the message stayed with me. The Anna Karenina quote in the beginning is fully realized in the film…

…scenery and Indian customs shown in the film are quite interesting.

….If you think it is just a journey with laughter and tears of a close knit family, you are wrong. It is also a story of the crumbling private lives and deepening cracks within the family…it makes the trip surprisingly bittersweet.


…style is reminiscent of Taiwanese Chung Mong-Hong…

…fine work…film shone…

…relevant to Japanese culture…

…movie was amazing…loved screenplay, scenery, acting, direction and super proud…

…enjoyed journey with ashes…tempo is great…

….many laughs and giggles in film

….hierarchical relationship between elders and children is well done.

….The quarrels, secrets, punchlines in the film look like they can be from a French film…

….the quote from Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina’ which appears at the beginning is justified throughout the film…

….a work that includes several themes…am glad that the women are shown in progressive light…

…fun to watch…laughed a lot…realised that Marathi films are quite profound…

…this is my first Marathi film, now I want to see more of them!

…a black comedy…disastrous for the family in the story but a lot of fun for the audiences!

…the older folks are amusing…hope some distributor picks it up soon.

…the lush landscape was beautiful, the actors are amazing and I wanted to see more…

(Phrases from the Japanese reviews as translated by Google)

Marathi road movie battles the pandemic to complete the production for world premiere in Tokyo

….The road movie’s challenging Omni trip through the hinterland of Maharashtra was a prelude to an even more arduous journey, as months of post-production during the coronavirus pandemic later proved. After wrapping up shooting late last year, the film crew had just started working on the sound design when the lockdown happened…..