A V Prafullachandra

Composer & Lyricist

A V Prafullachandra, popularly known as A V is Marathi cinema’s leading composer, singer and lyricist.  He is popular for his unique, eclectic and soulful compositions, featuring a fusion mix of classical, pop, retro, punk and western elements. Most of his feature film compositions are chartbusters and regularly feature on the Top 10 lists in Marathi cinema.

A V comes from a humble background and grew up with the dream of becoming a film composer and musician. He is self-taught artist who created his own musical styling by watching and learning from world renowned artists and composers such as AR Rahman and Illayaraja. He reveres Indian music and uses its elements effectively in conjunction with world music to create grounded, idiosyncratic yet uniquely flavoursome musical compositions for his cinematic ventures.

He is known for his work on Naal (2019), Kaagar (2019) and Dhurala(2020).       

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